Jordan Soto, executive producer, Hart Energy: As E&Ps Hunt for drilling runway in the Permian, Endeavor Energy Resources stands out as the “Belle of the M&A Ball” in the Midland Basin. Executive editor at large for Oil and Gas Investor, Nissa Darbonne joins us this A&D Minute to discuss Endeavor's attractive drilling inventory and whether it could be a target for M&A by a bigger Permian player. Nissa?

Nissa Darbonne, executive editor at large, Hart Energy: So, obviously everyone thinks Pioneer would be a natural buyer of Endeavor Energy. The only thing is Pioneer doesn't need more inventory. They have more than 15,000 high-graded locations. Those are just the high-graded ones. The estimate is that they have more than 25 years of inventory at their current drilling pace. So, one would have to wonder then: why would Pioneer want to add Endeavor Energy at least now? From another perspective, it would be really interesting if it were done simply to bring in Endeavor to further buy up the Midland Basin for yet a bigger buyer of Pioneer. But all of this is highly speculative.

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