Jordan Soto, executive producer, Hart Energy: Where is the oil and gas M&A market heading next? Find out in this A&D Minute powered by BOK Financial Securities.

Our editorial team is covering multiple conferences this week, but as we look back at our A&D Strategies and Opportunities conference, we noticed a recurring theme of consolidation, which made us curious as to where the M&A market is heading.

Todd Brooker, president, Cawley, Gillespie and Associates Inc.: Well, I think it has nowhere to go but up. A&D transactions are significantly off from four or five years ago, maybe 10% of what it was on the number of transactions. So with oil prices high and staying there, and if we can get natural gas a little higher over the winter, I think ‘24 looks really good for A&D activity. At least better than ‘23, on a per count basis.

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