Join this webinar on October 5 at 11:00 AM CDT to learn how global Geo-data specialist Fugro is helping advance offshore wind projects with the life-cycle solution for Geo-data management, Gaia.Hub. During this webinar, you will also hear from Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind, who have worked with Fugro to implement Gaia.Hub, and Amazon Web Services (AWS), who have partnered with Fugro enabling clients to leverage AWS cloud technology for fast, secure access to large-scale Fugro Geo-data.

You will learn about:

  • The magnitude of Geo-data challenges faced by offshore wind developers
  • How Fugro’s Gaia.Hub platform addresses these Geo-data challenges
  • What can digitalisation mean for offshore wind?
  • How can access to Gaia.Hub solve problems for regulators?


  • Kathryn Rovang, GIS Analyst | Senior Geoscientist, Fugro
    • Kathryn is responsible for the implementation and administration of the enterprise GIS environment, including product engineering and development for client delivery solutions.
  • Deanne Hargrave, Geoscience Manager, Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind
    • Deanne is a recognized expert in marine shallow hazards and offshore development surveys, with 20-plus years of experience. Deanne serves on the NOAA Hydrographic Services Review Panel, on several Society for Underwater Technology working groups, and is the Hydrographic Society of America’s Vice Chair for the Mid-Atlantic Chapter.
  • Frank Koopman, Global Director Offshore Wind, Fugro
    • Frank has over 20 years of experience in Geo-data, consulting and services for the offshore wind and renewables markets. With a proven track record in the successful management of offshore wind development solutions, Frank is responsible for leading Fugro's offshore wind vision and strategy.
  • Keith Norman, Head of Technology Partnerships, AWS Energy and Utilities
    • Keith’s team works with technology partners to collaboratively solve the energy industry’s most challenging workflows across the energy value chain. Keith was previously an executive at ExxonMobil where he spent 17 years leading engineering and operations organizations building and running upstream assets in the US, Angola, Chad, Nigeria, and Russia. He is now based in San Francisco, where he worked to accelerate the adoption of energy technology startups across more than 100 O&G and Utilities companies before joining AWS in 2021.