Hart Energy Webinars: How AI and Skills Can Bridge the Frontline Workforce Gap

11:00 AM CDT
Duration: 60 minutes

Are the frontline workers of your organization being properly trained and developed? Even with the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) skilling platforms helping increase the skills of oilfield’s workforce, the frontline worker is still often overlooked or underserved. These platforms often neglect the ‘stable core’, or the foundational skills, competencies, and qualifications a frontline worker must possess—which is vital for an oil and gas company’s operational efficiency, safety, and competitive edge.

Join Kahuna Workforce Solutions for an upcoming Hart Energy webinar where industry leaders will discuss the unique AI strategies oil and gas companies need to implement to ensure their frontline workers are being effectively trained and utilized.

You will learn:

  • The critical role of the ‘stable core’ in meeting business needs now and in the future
  • The transformative power of AI in workforce development and how these technologies contribute to the skilling revolution and the future of oil and gas
  • How to bridge the technology gap, leveraging the best of AI while anchoring a place for platforms that validate the stable core of skills, to ensure no worker is left behind in the race toward operational excellence

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Kahuna Workforce Solutions_Tom White_Headshot_2024

Tom White, VP of Product Management, Kahuna Workforce Solutions

  • Tom White is the Vice President of Product Management at Kahuna Workforce Solutions. Starting his career in consulting with a focus on HR technology transformations in the energy sector, Tom now leads the development of operational skills management solutions for frontline workers. His expertise in bridging HR and operational technology enhances enterprise effectiveness and supports substantial business outcomes.

This webinar is hosted in partnership with Kahuna Workforce Solutions.

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