With recent investor trends placing a premium on self-funded, organic growth, many public E&Ps have to think hard before issuing equity or adding substantial debt onto their balance sheets. Private E&Ps may face less scrutiny, but enjoy somewhat fewer options in accessing capital markets. Nonetheless, a growing array of options beyond conventional reserve-based lending and terms loans is available: the greater flexibility of private equity and/or private credit; drillco joint ventures; convertible issues; mezzanine finance; and delayed draw term loans, to mentions just a few. Amid more volatile markets, these and others may offer a match for your needs.

The Energy Capital Conference touches on subjects like these with one focused day of expert presentations exploring hot topics like:

  • Creative structures for closing deals
  • Accessing public capital in an unstable market
  • What makes a management team investible
  • Drilling partnership strategies and structures
  • The flexibility of mezzanine capital