Live Event - Extracting More Value from Your Existing Thin Sections with Digital Rock

Evaluate new intervals and reduce uncertainty using advanced analysis and property modeling

In this presentation, you will learn how automated analysis of thin sections and trim ends can help reduce the risk of “Orphaned Data” and bring rocks back into the mainstream E&P workflow. Using scanning electron microscopy and visualization and processing software from FEI, geologists and petrophysicists can gain statistically relevant answers faster and more accurately than with standard point counting.

In this two-part live presentation from AAPG, we will:

* Demonstrate how advanced SEM imaging can be combined with automated spatial mineralogy to fast-track petrography. This cost-effective solution provides a “first glance” at the reservoir quality by quantifying characteristics such as mineral and elemental content, grain density, and associated porosity.

* Show how the data can be visualized, processed, and further analyzed using a software automation platform that enables expert interpretation for junior analysts.

* Provide a case study on how thin sections can also be utilized to derive SCAL properties using a proprietary Process-based Modeling™ workflow for reconstruction of the rock microstructure in 3D to calculate properties.

Limited seating is available. Register today!

FEI Booth 1209
Tuesday, June 21

10:00AM – 11:00AM MST