E&P Tech Spotlight: The Importance of Mooring Chain Measurement

E&P Tech Spotlight: The Importance of Mooring Chain Measurement

Enabling faster and more informed decisions about the integrity and future performance of safety-critical infrastructure.

In Too Deep? GoM Operators Weigh Sky-high Day Rates (Source: Hart Energy; Fantasyform, iconim/

In Too Deep? GoM Operators Weigh Sky-high Day Rates

Offshore may be on the rebound, but Gulf of Mexico rigs are hard to find.

Aquaterra Energy

Opinion: Old Assets, New Tricks—The Challenge and Promise of Brownfield Assets

Offshore brownfield projects will be some of the most important energy engineering projects of the decade.

TVA John Sevier plant, SkyNano

Decarbonizing with Carbon Nanotubes: The Key to Reaching Net Zero

Upstream oil and gas producers can decarbonize their operations at a potentially lower price by partnering with SkyNano and using the emissions to produce carbon nanotubes.

rapid production response

Rapid Responses to Production Challenges

To help solve onset difficulties at the well site or facility, new surface well testing equipment can assist oil and gas producers in increasing efficiency and saving time and money.

Harvest Technology Group

Inspection System Solves Communication Issues and Provides Effective Remote User Experience

A new inspection technology enables remote workers to transmit high-definition video, synchronized data and high-quality audio from any site to another via a secure local area network using military-grade encryption, even when connectivity is low or unreliable. 

completions and drilling technology

Completions Lessons Learned: Innovations from Recent Years

Liberty Oilfield Services and Tendeka's latest technologies and services help bring down the costs of drilling and completions.

cementing - drilling

The Role of Cementing Technologies in Casing and Running Tool Pressure Testing Operations

DeltaTek's SeaCure technology provides stabbed-in inner string cement for casings and liners that will save operators time and money in field development operations.

E&P Tech Spotlight: Enabling Efficiency, Safety Through Digitized Completions

E&P Tech Spotlight: Enabling Efficiency, Safety Through Digitized Completions

Through digital completions technology, oil and gas producers can increase safety and efficiency at the well site by converting on-paper procedures to a digital forum. “It’s sort of like using Goggle Maps or Waze to drive to a destination,” says Intelligent Wellhead Systems CEO William Standifird.

Kayrros, frac well monitoring

Maximizing Production: System Alerts of Impending Fracs into the Workflow

Kayrros developed an alert system to notify operators of neighboring well frac activity, monitoring operations daily across tight oil and gas basins, to allow operators to protect their assets.

Halliburton, multilateral wells

Multilateral Technology Advancements Key to Continued Troll Field Success

After its first installation 25 years ago, multilateral wells have seen technological advancements in the North Sea that lessen environmental impact and increase productivity.

energy transition

Halliburton Labs and Exxon Mobil SMEs Discuss the Future of Energy

Former honorees of Hart Energy’s Influential Women in Energy recognition program discuss technology, ESG and the future of the industry.

Quick Take: Potential Sale of Exxon Mobil’s Bakken Assets

Quick Take: Potential Sale of Exxon Mobil’s Bakken Assets

Exxon Mobil continues to pursue opportunities to divest, and the oil and gas supermajor’s Bakken assets could be worth $5 billion.

E&P Tech Spotlight: Getting Clear Visuals for Well Reservoirs

E&P Tech Spotlight: Getting Clear Visuals for Well Reservoirs

Schlumberger’s reservoir mapping-while-drilling services can be used to give operators clearer visuals into their wells and the challenges that befall them.

Projeo seismic

Subsurface CO2 Storage: Building on Success

Projeo’s projects and initiatives demonstrate CCS technology at real-world, commercial-scale facilities for ammonia production, ethanol production and coal-fired power generation.


Rising to the Challenge of Flow Assessment in Horizontal Wells

A new flow-diagnostics resource delivers continuous flow profiles across a variety of completion and reservoir scenarios, including fractured formations.

Defining Decarbonization in the Oil and Gas Sector

Defining Decarbonization in the Oil and Gas Sector

While oil and gas operators must have clearly defined terms in the rules for regulating their emissions, public outlook must shift to understand that an energy mix is the most realistic option in the energy transition, says Baker Hughes’ Allyson Anderson Book.

S&P Global, CERAWeek, The Oil and Gas Field Reimagined

Driving Innovation Through Collaboration and Technology in Oil and Gas

The energy transition is a main driver of innovation in the oil and gas industry, according to panelists at CERAWeek.

Universal Pressure Pumping

Predictive Analysis Improves Environmental Impact, Optimizes Frac Performance

A new frac fluid optimization process uses an extensive database coupled with a simple but effective method of selecting appropriate friction reducers (FRs), thus equipping an operator with the proper pre-job analysis to choose the FR that best fits its cost structure and ESG initiatives.

ADC Energy - offshore asset inspection

Use of Historical Data to Drive Present Drilling Rig Performance

Data intelligence is key to supporting energy transition goals. A reporting and intelligence sharing rig inspection tool is just one example of how smart data can be utilized to enhance inspections and understand trends, so issues can be effectively predicted before they occur.

FPSO repairs

Minimizing Equipment Downtime with In-situ Seal Welding Technology

A seal welding technology has resulted in no requirement for an FPSO to return to port, and repairs can be carried out offshore to allow continued production and minimize costly equipment downtime.


Unleash Reservoir Performance Without Drilling New Wells

Tools that provide operators with solutions to impact production on their existing assets immediately.

rig automation

Tying Together Rig Automation Processes

Digital well plans and high-definition data can help operators make sense of the advanced technology on rig sites.

Revo iQ visualization software

Evaluating Well Performance in Real Time with Automated Rate Transient Analysis

Visualization software speeds up the time-demanding process of monitoring and analyzing well data throughout each day.

Aptara - Baker Hughes

Opinion: A Subsea System Approach to Project Design

By embracing a system approach, it can provide a degree of consistency, certainty and cost control—all valuable commodities at a time of rapid change as we march on to new horizons.

STRYDE Zimbabwe nodal technology

How Nodal Technology Enabled New African Opportunities to be Explored

Nodal technology offers substantially reduced environmental footprint, reduced HSE risk, faster surveys and significant operational and logistical efficiencies before, during and after acquisition.

Project Canary

Momentum Picks up for Wellsite Emissions Monitoring

Experts with Project Canary and MiQ share insights and strategies on emissions monitoring technology, certification and leak prevention. 

methane management

Methane Management: Creating a Plan of Action

Service providers are contributing to methane emissions management by advising operators with systematic action plans to achieve their reduction targets.

4Subsea control room

Putting Trust and Sense into Data for More Sustainable Energy Operations

Odfjell Drilling improved rig operations, developed a new business model and easily shared rig data with its clients using 4Subsea's Internet of Things sensors in conjunction with its data analytics platform to digitally enhance its global rig operations.

Petrobras FPSO Guanabara

Petrobras Driving Digital Innovation for Offshore Technology

In this digitalization transformation era, Petrobras’ "innovation machine" aids in assembling a team to create new technologies, strong business strategies and increasing efficiencies.

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