Jennifer Pallanich, senior technology editor, Hart Energy: I'm Jennifer Pallanich, senior technology editor for Tech Trends with Hart Energy Live at CERA Week by S&P Global. I'm here with John Markus Lervik to hear his insights about data trends.

John Markus Lervik, chief strategy and development officer and co-founder of Cognite: A lot of people have really underestimated the industrial data problem. They've tried to fix it per-use case, but you need to do it through a more robust data architecture, or what is called now data ops or data operations, where you're able to actually unlock data from the data silos, from the OT [operational technology] industrial systems and the IT systems. Make it available in a unified way so you can deploy and scale out use cases efficiently. IT cybersecurity for IT systems is a pretty mature area, but going into industry on what's called OT cybersecurity is still in its early days, and that's really a problem we need to solve.

And of course part of it is technology, but also a key part of it is how we educate our employees. Nobody, not an individual oil and gas company, nor a technology company, can do this alone. So you need to create ecosystems of collaborations. It's important both for profitability, but also for sustainability. A lot of this is around optimizing—how you can produce more using less emissions, less CO2 while you produce even more.

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