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Companies collaborate to build larger, reservoir-scale interpretations

Rockwash Geodata Ltd. and Earth Science Analytics (ESA) are collaborating to combine ESA’s web-based cloud-native geoscience software and Rockwash’s geological expertise. In the first project under this partnership, Rockwash Geodata experts have taken a database of cuttings photographs and, using ML workflows from ESA, categorized the photos in terms of bulk lithology to create a fully labeled dataset of cuttings sample photographs. By combining these newly created digital inputs with a quality assured set of traditional log suite curves prepared by ESA, they have generated a set of high-quality rock property predictions, which can be used to build larger, reservoir-scale interpretations. This will support petrophysical and geoscience workflows by providing another layer of understanding and confidence to the rock property predictions.

Cloud data platform makes data more accessible 

Marathon Oil Corp., a Texas-based independent E&P company, set out to build a next-generation data platform with the overall goal to make data more accessible and enable more data-driven business decisions. EPAM helped Marathon Oil develop a new data platform that delivers the performance, scalability and reliability required. The cloud data platform is transforming Marathon Oil’s business by centralizing data in a single platform and making it more accessible to business users while also providing the flexibility and scalability to support existing and future use cases. The platform also removes recurring software licenses and reduces operational overhead from legacy on-premise platforms. Additionally, it provides a repeatable process for building and deploying new data pipelines.

Well tractor conveyance technology maximizes speed and power

Welltec, continuous variable tractoring technology
Welltec’s continuous variable tractoring technology builds on a conveyance heritage to transform well interventions. (Source: Welltec)

Welltec has released a revised design of its Well Tractor conveyance technology. Well Tractor 212 CVT is equipped with continuous variable tractoring technology and automatically maximizes speed and power at all times, optimizing every conveyance run, making operations faster and more efficient. In addition to the tractoring system, the new tool offers a heavily revised electronics package that is rated to higher temperature demands within a more robust architecture. It also allows for full two-way surface control that can send commands to the tool downhole and receive diagnostics back at surface. The technology is configured so each wheel section has its own power unit. These hydraulic units and wheel sections are shorter and more powerful than ever before, resulting in a system that operates as multiple individual tractors downhole with inherent redundancy without compromising on overall length.