Jennifer Pallanich, senior technology editor, Hart Energy: Premium gas lift tools are making their way to a broader market. Joel Shaw of Silverwell, is going to tell us more about it in this Tech Trends with Hart Energy LIVE. Tell me about this DIAL Flex tool behind us.

Joel Shaw, vice president of product line, Silverwell Technology: Okay. Traditionally, we've introduced intelligent gas lift to the market over the last half dozen years, and it's typically been for higher end wells. What we're doing right now with this tool is we've designed something that will allow us to get into some of the lower end, more cost-conscious markets like West Texas. And it has additional functionality—can flow in two directions for some of the imperatives that they're going through and doing right now.

JP: Tell me a little bit more about DIAL Flex itself.

JS: What Flex is a platform, so the Flex Lite is the version that's more cost competitive. We have other versions that over time will develop into equipment that you'd like to have in premium wells. But what it is, is a platform so that we can use the different components that we've developed to be able to customize what we need for every customer's wells.

JP: Okay. And DIAL [stands for] digitally…

JS: Digitally intelligent artificial lift. It's a lot to get out. The ability to control—not only control what's going on in the well—but also the ability to get data back so we have pressure and temperature sensors downhole. It gives you a complete pressure, temperature profile of the well and allows you to make adjustments.

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