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On January 26, President Biden formally put a pause on approvals for LNG projects, halting billions of dollars in investments for energy companies. 

But even if the U.S. isn't buying natural gas, other places like Asia, Australia and Norway still have a number of LNG projects. Because of that need, companies like Halliburton are going to keep innovating and investments are going to keep going.

Halliburton’s newly announced CorrosaLock cement solution provides a better way to capture carbon produced from natural gas as it creates a cement sheath for the pipe that is resistant to CO2 and also strengthens the integrity of the cement barrier.

CorrosaLock is a composite of Portland-based cement and Halliburton’s WellLock resin system.

This combination of resin and cement creates an enhanced cement sheath specifically designed to minimize the effect CO2 has on the pipe and reduce permeability as well, which in turn keeps the pipe intact and prevents any gas from escaping.

In addition to that, the increased elasticity and shear bond strength allows the barrier to better withstand downhole forces during cyclic injection when compared to conventional cement systems.

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