Jaxon Caines, technology reporter, Hart Energy: How has Baker Hughes used sound to redefine the well construction process? This is Tech Trends with Hart Energy LIVE.

Kyle O’Keefe, product champion, Baker Hughes: The Sonus acoustic-set liner hanger system is our new state-of-the-art liner hanger system. What makes it special is it uses our exact acoustic telemetry system to transmit a digital signal from surface down to the tools down hole. And basically we're able to set a liner hanger with the press of a button. We're able to release a liner hanger with the press of another button, and we're able to read the data down hole, understand what's happening in real time, address those problems, and really create a step change in the way that we do liner operations and liner installations.

JC: Now can you talk more about the exact bi-directional downhole acoustic telemetry system and sort of how it works?

KO: This is a company that we acquired back in 2018. With the Sonus system, we're able to use that data from the exact network to really precisely understand what's going on with our tools. So because we're able to get that at-tool torque, at-tool tension, we're able to really understand how we're manipulating the pipe. But where it's different is it's got a big three inch through bore, so we can use it in completions applications, liner, running applications, submitting applications, places where we could have never done that before. Now we can kind of change the operation on the fly. Also, because it's strapped onto the outside, we can make it pretty much out of everything. So if we need to make it out of a CRA (corrosion-resistant alloy) material, we've got that covered as well.

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