SLB’s newest methane monitoring system uses IoT-enabled sensors to detect, locate and quantify emissions across oil and gas operations, the service company said Oct 4.

The self-installed continuous monitoring system provides operators with leak detection sensitivity in a small, durable, plug-and-play solution, the company said. The technology, introduced by SLB’s end-to-end emissions solutions (SEES) business, automates continuous methane monitoring to eliminate the need for manual data collection during site visits.

The “always on” instrument “widens the accessibility to continuous methane monitoring for the industry, providing producers with a practical pathway to achieve a more complete picture of their emissions profile,” Kahina Abdeli-Galinier, SLB’s emissions business director, said in a press release.

The device contains an integrated solar panel, wind measurement and methane sensor. The instrument can be self-installed in minutes, mounted on existing infrastructure. SLB said it can be deployed at “virtually zero cost” similar to a self-installed home security camera. The device enables operators to more economically scale up and quickly roll out continuous methane monitoring across their facilities, SLB said.