Powering the Decarbonization of Oil and Gas Assets

Existing rigs and vessels are critical components in the energy transition, and it is no secret that considerable sustainability gains can be garnered through system upgrades and adopting new technology.

(Source: ADC Energy Ltd.)

Energy efficiency and sustainability have dominated the global news agenda for the last 18 months, with countries such as the U.K. setting ambitious goals to become net zero by 2050.
While the transition to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar is essential to achieve these objectives, there is still a clear need for oil and gas. This has been demonstrated by the recent global gas shortage, resulting in significant impacts on transport and fuel prices.

There are several elements that are crucial to the energy industry reducing its carbon footprint and one key phase is evaluating the power management systems of existing assets to ensure energy efficiency improvements are identified and implemented. By reducing fuel consumption, oil and gas installations and offshore assets can support net-zero goals and deliver greater efficiencies for rig owners and operators. 

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