Exploration Advances in Airborne Gravity Gradiometry Technology

Wide-line spaced regional scale exploration provides significant cost and operational efficiencies for operators working transition zones. 

(Source: Bell Geospace)

Bell Geospace recently installed the new GTz Gravimeter on the same long-range aircraft as their Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometer (FTG) technology. This is the first-time gravimetry and gradiometry technologies of this calibre have been paired on the same vessel.  The new offering ‘FTG GTZ’ is high resolution data, collected with consistent, continuous parameters. This data continuity produces a refined geological map and becomes extremely valuable during data integration stages of the geoscience workflow.  

In this article, Bell Geospace shares sample data from a recent FTG GTZ survey and considers the applications of this latest advancement in airborne gravity gradiometry technology. 

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