From another offshore Guyana Whiptail announcement to the launch of new drilling technology, below is a compilation of the latest headlines in the E&P space. 

Contracts and company news

Vallourec Delivering Whiptail Line Pipe

Vallourec will deliver line pipe for Exxon Mobil Guyana’s deepwater Whiptail project under a long-term agreement the two companies signed in 2021. 

Vallourec will deliver more than 180 km of line pipe, including X80 grade combining high strength with resistance to service conditions, for the Whiptail project in the Stabroek Block offshore Guyana. With the Whiptail order, Vallourec has secured orders for approximately 700 km of line pipe for installation offshore Guyana since December 2021. 

Vallourec will supply the line pipe from its Jeceaba (Minas Gerais) mill in Brazil.

Chevron Buying into Walvis Basin Off Namibia

NAMCOR, the National Petroleum Corp. of Namibia, is selling interest in Petroleum Exploration License 82 (PEL 82) in the Walvis Basin to Chevron Namibia Exploration Ltd., NAMCOR said on April 29.

Under the deal, Chevron Namibia will acquire 80% operating interest in the license while NAMCOR and Custos Energy each hold 10% interest. The deal is subject to regulatory approvals from the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

TAQA Launches Torsional Drilling Tech

TAQA announced April 29 its commercial launch of Threlix, a drilling technology designed to help reduce rig downtime by alleviating downhole drilling dysfunctions associated with vibration, torsional oscillations and lack of consistent bit engagement.

The technology also reduces the comparative repair and maintenance cost to the mitigation tool as well as the associated bottom hole assembly components, the company said.

When encountering erratic torque, Threlix rapidly adjusts its length to maintain a consistent depth of cut by balancing counteracting downhole forces to decrease dysfunctions. The toll provides increased downhole reliability and improved overall drilling efficiency. Its 100% oil-sealed spring and spline sections provide no contact with drilling fluid, enhancing downhole reliability and performance, eliminating the need for costly post-run maintenance and reducing associated risks.

A major operator in the Montney Shale, British Columbia, was seeking to increase bit and rotary steerable system life in their 6.25 in. production sections while maintaining consistent parameters and reaching total depth in a single bit run. After performing a detailed pre-run analysis, Threlix was added to their motorized RSS. The improved drilling consistency and decrease in vibrations allowed for a 38% increase in average ROP and single bit run of the section.

HUGIN Endurance Completes Testing

HUGIN Endurance Completes Testing - art
HUGIN Endurance touching the surface during operation. (Source: Kongsberg Discovery)

Kongsberg Discovery’s first production system for its long-range AUV, HUGIN Endurance, has completed factory acceptance testing, the company said on April 23.

Sea trials for the first production unit began in September 2023 and culminated in March 2024 with a successful demonstration of capabilities to a customer. 

HUGIN Endurance, launched in 2021, is the largest member of Kongsberg Discovery’s HUGIN family of AUVs. The system can come equipped with an array of sensors.