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Exclusive: Nabors Partners Up to Drill Safer with Autonomous Operations [WATCH]

How can autonomous operations help make drilling safer and more efficient? Find out in this Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive.

Exclusive: Liberty's Digi Solutions for Clean Energy [WATCH]

Liberty Oilfield Services' vice president of engineering Leen Weijers delves into the company's improved technology for cleaner and efficient energy within the next year, in this Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive. 

Rystad CEO: Renewables Outcompete Hydrocarbons, but Oil, Gas Persist

Rystad CEO Jarand Rystad, speaking at a Texas conference, said solar, wind and other renewables will outcompete fossil fuels but halting oil and gas production would be disruptive.

ATCE: Energy Addition, Not Transition, Most Likely Scenario

Recruiting new talent requires improving the oil and gas industry’s image panelists at the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ (SPE) Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition said on Oct. 16.