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NAPE: CCUS is a Risky Venture Hinging on Tech, Regulation, Reservoirs

Transdisciplinary collaboration and reservoir understanding are key to mitigating CCUS risks.

NAPE: Chevron’s Chris Powers Talks Traditional Oil, Gas Role in CCUS

Policy, innovation and partnership are among the areas needed to help grow the emerging CCUS sector, a Chevron executive said.

Veriten’s Arjun Murti: Oil, Gas Prospectors Need to Step Up—Again

Arjun Murti, a partner in investment and advisory firm Veriten, says U.S. shale provided 90% of global supply growth—but the industry needs to reinvent itself, again.

NAPE: The Power and Pitfalls of AI in the Oil Patch

Industry experts at NAPE explore AI as an antidote to information overload and inefficiencies.

NAPE: In Basins Familiar to E&Ps, Lithium Rush Offers Little Gold

A quest for sources of lithium comes as the lucrative element is expected to play a part in global efforts to lower emissions, but in many areas the economics are challenging.

Wanted: National Gas Strategy for Utilities, LNG

Chesapeake CEO Nick Dell’Osso and Mercator Energy President John Harpole, speaking at NAPE, said some government decision-makers have yet to catch on to changes spreading across the natural gas market.

McKinsey: US Output Hinges on E&P Capital Discipline, Permian Well Trends

U.S. oil production reached record levels to close out 2023. But the future of U.S. output hinges on E&P capital discipline and well-productivity trends in the Permian Basin, according to McKinsey & Co.

The Pulse: Will Tax Credits Make Carbon Capture Profitable in Oil and Gas? [WATCH]

Attendees at NAPE told Hart Energy that they are optimistic that carbon capture tax credits will positively impact oil and gas businesses.

The Pulse: Which Basins Will Be Most Active? [WATCH]

NAPE attendees were split between whether the Permian or other, gassier formations would see the most activity.

Tudor, Pickering, Holt’s 2023 M&A Playbook

From the bruising to the guileful to artful misdirection, Tudor, Pickering Holt & Co. talks how M&A could unfold for the rest of the quarter and the year ahead – via football-heavy analogies.