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Exclusive: What’s Needed to ‘Get Things Moving’ with CCS

CCS momentum is brewing, says Katja Akentieva, vice president of New Energy Solutions for the Western Hemisphere at TGS. Now it's time to capitalize on that momentum in this Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive with Jordan Blum. 

Exclusive: Despite Uncertainty, NatGas Balances Out

McKinsey and Co.'s Luciano Di Fiori says the natural gas market is capable of balancing itself out—despite LNG permit approval pauses, midstream constraints and dependence on oil production—in this Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive interview with Editorial Director Jordan Blum.  

Exclusive: Rebellion Energy Orphan Well Method Pinpoints the Particulars in Plugging

Rebellion Energy Solutions CEO Staci Taruscio dives into the company's methods when plugging for permanence in this Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive with Editorial Director Jordan Blum. 

Exclusive: Can NatGas Save the 'Fragile' Electric Grid?

John Harpole, the founder and president of Mercator Energy, says he is concerned about meeting peak electric demand and if investors will hesitate on making LNG export facilities investment decisions after the Biden administration's recent LNG pause, in this Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive interview. 

Exclusive: Activists Sending 'Wrong Signal' on US LNG

Anne Bradbury, the CEO of the American Exploration & Production Council, says the Biden administration's pause on U.S. LNG export approvals sends a wrong message about the importance of LNG to the American economy and the climate, in this Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive interview.

Exclusive: As AI Evolves, Energy Evolving With It

In this Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive interview, Hart Energy's Jordan Blum asks 4cast's COO Andrew Muñoz about how AI is changing the energy industry—especially in the oilfield. 

Exclusive: Chevron New Energies' Bayou Bend Strengthens CCUS Growth

In this Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive interview, Chris Powers, Chevron New Energies' vice president of CCUS, gives an overview of the company's CCS/CCUS activity and talks about the potential and challenges of it onshore-offshore Bayou Bend project. 

Exclusive: Scott Tinker Says Pausing LNG Ups Coal Use

In this Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive interview, Scott Tinker, chairman of Switch Energy Alliance, talks about energy security globally, and dives into the effects of the Biden administration's LNG pause.

Exclusive: Arjun Murti Talks Energy Transition, the Role of Oil, Gas in Meeting Energy Needs

Partner at Veriten Arjun Murti gives his perspective on global energy needs and addresses EV adoption in the U.S. in this Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive interview. 

Exclusive: Andrew Dittmar Expects Increased Public M&A in 2024

In this Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive, Andrew Dittmar, Enverus Intelligence's senior vice president, compares 2023 consolidation to what he expects in 2024, including more public to public deals.