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Virtual DUG East: ESG—There’s Nowhere Left to Hide

A roundtable of oil and gas experts from Range Resources, Quantum Energy Partners and Babst Calland offered insights on why ESG dialogue is central to investment dollars during Hart Energy’s DUG East and Marcellus-Utica Midstream Virtual Conference.

DUG East/MUM CEO Panel: Managing Costs & Making Better Wells with PESA, NexTier Oilfield Services

These experts from the operating and service sectors discuss how the industry has improved per-well results in the Marcellus and Utica plays, from reduced drilling days to more cost-effective frac designs.

DUG East/MUM ESG Spotlight: Beyond Simply Satisfying Investors’ Demands with Range Resources, Babst Calland, Quantum Energy

One of Appalachia's top operators has increased its net-zero goals. What is the particular strategies they are pursuing in the Marcellus and Utica region to achieve those goals and how is it letting investors and the public know. Also, what are investors demanding, and how can companies deliver?

DUG East/MUM Finance Spotlight: Stop Chasing Alpha with Chuck Yates

This expert discusses why chasing alpha in the energy business is taking on too much risk, and investors should instead focus on beta for their portfolio and income. 

DUG East/MUM Keynote: The Coming Reckoning within Appalachia with CNX Resources CEO Nick DeIuliis

From gas price forwards to the COVID-19 pandemic to shifting public policy and capital market challenges, a reckoning is happening within the Appalachian Basin. 

DUG East/MUM Keynote: The Utica Outlook with Ascent Resources CEO Jeff A. Fisher

While much of the focus for Appalachia centers on the Marcellus, the Utica is poised to benefit from the rising natural gas demand and prices. This longtime Utica operator discusses the Ohio play and what the future holds for the region.

DUG East/MUM Market Spotlight: LNG, NGLs & More with Gideon Gradman

The Marcellus and Utica shales provide enormous volumes of natural gas and NGLs for export outside the region, but what about the region itself? How are gas-use trends and industrial development evolving within Appalachia and which areas of industrial growth might be good targets for the future?

DUG East/MUM Operator Spotlight: Business Along the Border with Greylock Energy

This operator discusses how operators in the Marcellus of West Virginia and Greene County, Pa. can take advantage of the renewed focus on natural gas and how technology and efficiency adoption are keys to thriving in the future.

DUG East/MUM Operator Spotlight: Converting Molecules to Dollars with Chief Oil & Gas

Every Mcf is crucial for natural gas producers. This dry-gas-play operator details how it is stemming its legacy decline with high-graded locations, enhanced drilling productivity and DUC completions – and how this is boosting its balance sheet.

DUG East/MUM Operator Spotlight: Costs and Margins with Diversified Gas & Oil

This industry veteran with 60,000 gas and oil wells in Appalachia discusses the strategy of buying unwanted wells and turning them into profits. In the process, he tells how the company has cut costs and increased margins.