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Tackling Methane Emissions: Triple Crown’s Secret to Success

Triple Crown Resources, the private Permian Basin operator, is cutting methane emissions and delivering returns.

Post-Earthstone Deal, Permian Resources Switches Up M&A Strategy

E&P Permian Resources will shift to smaller-scale deals to add value as opportunities to consolidate in the Midland and Delaware basins shrink.

ProPetro CEO: Next-gen Equipment Demand High Despite Market Headwinds

As the oilfield service market faces headwinds from consolidation and a dwindling rig count, ProPetro CEO Sam Sledge sees Permian Basin demand picking up for next-generation equipment.

M&A: Permian Buyers, Sellers Find ‘Goldilocks’ Zone in 2023

Permian Basin M&A has taken off in 2023 largely because buyers and sellers are in a ‘Godilocks’ zone in which prices are just right, executives at RBC Capital Markets and Jefferies said.

Tailwater Capital to Offer 'Full Suite' of Permian Water Services [Watch]

Along with NGL and oil pipelines and gas processing, Stephen Lipscomb, partner at Tailwater Capital, says the firm wants to bring a “full suite” of water services to the play.

Deep Dive in Shallow Ground: Jay Graham on the Northwest Shelf [Watch]

Jay Graham, chairman and CEO of Spur Energy, details the E&Ps' drilling and oil-rich production in the Northwest Shelf  — and the challenges of transporting sour gas that's "almost worth nothing."

The Permian’s Next M&A Hotspot May be the Delaware [WATCH]

After nine months of Permian Basin M&A ranging from private buyouts to major mergers, Wood Mackenzie’s Ryan Duman discusses what’s next for dealmakers in the basin.

WoodMac: Top-tier Permian Inventory Scarce, ‘Extremely Expensive’

E&Ps large and small are scouring the Permian Basin to buy up top-quality drilling locations. But they’ll have to pay a hefty premium to get longer in America’s hottest oil play, according to WoodMac research.

Exclusive: Proactivity Towards Methane Reduction [WATCH]

Steve Pruett, president and CEO at Elevation Resources and chairman at IPAA, highlights methane emission problems in the Permian and steps to maintain the environment in this Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive Interview. 

Tug of War Between Energy Transition, Growing Energy Needs

Pickering Energy Partners President Walker Moody took aim at a list of misconceptions— or “dumb things” as he puts it—that the public believes about the energy industry.