DUG Midcontinent 2022: ESG Strategy: Certifying the Nat Gas

Certified responsibly sourced gas (RSG) is gaining traction throughout the Lower 48. Here are the benefits to producers.

DUG Midcontinent 2022: Data Analytics: Snooping in the SCOOP, STACK, Merge & More

Where are new wells being drilled in Oklahoma? What is the commodity stream from these? Where’s the infrastructure?

DUG Midcontinent 2022: Adding in the Anadarko

Picking up Tapstone Energy, Diversified has added Anadarko Basin leasehold to its portfolio, including 12,000 boe/d of production. Learn more about its growing footprint here and across the Lower 48.

DUG Midcontinent 2022: Decarbonization: Curbing the Carbon

As reduced-carbon and net-zero products are increasingly in demand, what is available today for oil-weighted producers here and in other basins to rebrand their Btu stream?

DUG Midcontnent 2022: The Oklahoma Arkoma

The western Arkoma is being drilled for oil and NGL—but gas remains a target too. These producers have been adding leasehold. Hear the latest on the play’s sweet spots.

DUG Midcontinent 2022: Marietta Deep

Wells are as much as 15,000 TVD here in southern Oklahoma’s Marietta Basin -- and they’re enormous. Here’s a look inside this bountiful basin.

DUG Midcontinent 2022: Targeting the Anadarko

Longtime Anadarko Basin explorers are evaluating their next targets. Here are their thoughts on these commodity-rich rocks.

DUG Midcontinent 2022: Nat Gas Outlook: Keeping Up With Growing Demand

Within just a few years of the first Gulf Coast LNG export plant, the U.S. has become a global swing producer of gas for both Asia and Europe. Here’s a look at new expectations going forward.

DUG Midcontinent 2022: Best Practices in Carbon Management

Producers and services firms alike are lowering carbon footprints. Learn the latest best practices for D&C and lease electrification, drones and satellites, recycled water, reduced truck traffic and more.

DUG Midcontinent: There Are Apps For That; Oilfield Technology

Operators have found increasing success with digital automation of various operations. Not all fixes are digital, though. Growing EURs are being reported from biochemical and other engineered solutions as well. Hear more from ULTRecovery Chairman and CEO Jacob Jin.