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Defining Decarbonization in the Oil and Gas Sector

While oil and gas operators must have clearly defined terms in the rules for regulating their emissions, public outlook must shift to understand that an energy mix is the most realistic option in the energy transition, says Baker Hughes’ Allyson Anderson Book.

DUG Midcontinent 2022: Midstream Takeaways: Ready Access To Markets

Jim Leathers, Vice President, Commercial, Superior Pipeline and Phil Zacharias, Vice President, Origination, ARM Energy discuss Oklahoma takeaway opportunities.

DUG Midcontinent 2022: Cycles, Success and Plans Ahead

Privately held Citizen Energy’s been drilling through the cycles, boasting today some 70,000 boe/d of production and some 240,000 net acres. Take a look at its portfolio, success and plans.

DUG Midcontinent 2022: Expanding The SCOOP's Southern Sweet Spot

Operating throughout the STACK/Merge/SCOOP, Camino Natural Resources is taking the SCOOP’s southern sweet spot into the Ardmore Basin. Hear results and plans.

DUG Midcontinent 2022: A Chat with Continental Resources' Jack Stark

Jack Stark has seen all the rock in his more than 40 years of exploring the Lower 48. He shares his wisdom on how to find great rock.

DUG Midcontinent: Why Devon Energy is Betting on an Anadarko Basin Comeback

“The Anadarko Basin is making a comeback,” said Aaron Ketter, Devon Energy vice president, during a keynote address at DUG Midcontinent.

DUG Midcontinent 2022: Opening Address: STACK-tacular

The Anadarko Basin’s diversity of commodity weighting is offering formations and fairways for any operator today, as a trifecta is in play: high oil, gas and NGL prices.

DUG Midcontinent 2022: Capital Insights: The Money Is Back!

Producers are keeping the reins on D&C spend and returning capital to shareholders. Investors and lenders are interested again, albeit at a tempered pace. Here’s a look at operators’ options today.

DUG Midcontinent 2022: Mid-Morning Keynote: Dial a Rock

This leading North American unconventional operator has thousands of Oklahoma locations in inventory. Here’s how it’s developing them for their best value.  

DUG Midcontinent 2022: Activity Highlights: A Look at the Resource

How are Oklahoma’s latest wells’ returns measuring up against those of other Lower 48 plays? And how do wells compare in-basin?