Carbon & ESG Strategies Conference

Exclusive: CCUS is Here for the Long Haul [WATCH]

In this Hart Energy LIVE exclusive interview, Hart Energy's Pietro D. Pitts and Baker Hughes' Allyson Anderson Book discuss the 'U' in carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) and why it is a long-term solution needed as long as emissions are made, even outside of the oil and gas industry. 

Chevron: Regulations Holding Back Best Methane Detection Tech

Speaking at Hart Energy’s Carbon & ESG Strategies conference, Vanessa T. Ryan, Chevron’s manager of methane reduction, said some of the newest and most effective tech developed to find methane leaks has been turned away by federal regulatory agencies.

Permits, Policy, Profit: The Hang-ups with Large-scale CO2 Projects

The Inflation Reduction Act kicked off a flurry of carbon capture and storage projects around the U.S. But the nascent CCS sector faces tough regulatory and profitability challenges on its road to growth.

Exclusive: How is Chevron Sharing Methane Reduction Tips? [WATCH]

In this Hart Energy LIVE exclusive interview, Chevron's Vanessa Ryan, the manager of methane reduction, tells Hart Energy's Nissa Darbonne the different ways Chevron is collaborating on methane reduction.