Carbon & ESG Strategies Conference

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Recognizing Industry Contributions to Decarbonization

Bolstered by billions in federal loans, grants and tax incentives, investments are being made in both energy transition and oil and gas projects, an indication of long-term sustainable growth.

Supercharged: Taking Carbon Management to Next Level with AI, ML

Fueled by massive amounts of data, oil and gas players are using technologies such as ML and AI to drive efficiency, lower greenhouse-gas emissions and better manage CO2.

Exclusive: Not All Reservoirs a Good Fit for CO2 Burial, Says Carbon Advisor [WATCH]

In this Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive at the Carbon & ESG Strategies conference, Hart's Nissa Darbonne is with Tetra Tech's Michael Dunkel, an energy, water and carbon adviser, talking about why Dunkel pushes for caution when choosing a reservoir to sequester CO2. 

Permitting: The Boogeyman Hindering US Low-carbon Investment

U.S. low-carbon projects face a medley of different risks—from sluggish federal permitting timelines to huge spending budgets — and an uncertain road to profitability.

Exclusive: Project Canary Sees Devil in the Data as Buyers Hunt RSG [WATCH]

In this Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive, Project Canary's Tim Romer discusses what European and Asian natural gas buyers are looking for in responsibly sourced gas during Hart Energy's Carbon & ESG Strategies conference.

Carrots and Sticks: IRA Poised to be Boon or Bane to Energy Industry

Experts at Hart Energy’s Carbon & ESG Strategies Conference detailed the huge significance of the IRA’s tax policy that create something of a new market for selling tax credits.

Exclusive: Frontier Carbon Solutions' First Steps to Sequestration [WATCH]

In this Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive, Hart Energy’s Editorial Director Jordan Blum is at the Carbon & ESG Strategies Conference with Robby Rockey, the president and co-CEO of Frontier Carbon Solutions, a carbon storage developer building the sequestration infrastructure needed to support carbon capture in the U.S. Mountain West's hydrocarbon economies.  

Cleaner Gas Demand Drives RSG-certification Growth in US Shale Patch

Nearly a third of U.S. natural gas production is being certified under a responsibly sourced gas standard. Proponents think regulatory action could spur greater demand for lower-emissions gas.

Upstart CCS Operator Lapis Energy Takes on ‘Cancer Alley’ CO2 Emissions

Lapis Energy CEO Reg Manhas sees “massive” CCS opportunity in a stretch of Louisiana plagued by emissions and a high cancer rate.

Exclusive: Carbonated Beverages Not Enough to Take Sequestration Out of Equation [WATCH]

In this Hart Energy LIVE exclusive interview, Hart's Nissa Darbonne and CEO of Lapis Energy Reg Manhas talk opportunities to utilize carbon and the need for states to progress sequestration opportunities.