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WSP USA Energy


IndustryVoice: WSP Mined Cavern Storage: We ‘Rock’ Hard Rock

With the burgeoning growth in the production of crude oil and natural gas liquids (NGLs), exports are on the rise.

IndustryVoice: Injection Well Expertise: Reducing Risk, Reducing Cost

WSP has drilled 45 Class I injection wells and Class II wells over the last 30 years. This experience and knowledge has made the firm’s team of injection well experts an industry leader in the U.S.

IndustryVoice: Providing Innovative Injection Well Solutions

WSP has provided a wide range of specialty well services to support injection, storage, geothermal energy and in-situ mining activities to numerous clients, including many Fortune 500 clients.

IndustryVoice: Underground Storage Goes Midstream

WSP has decades of experience providing effective storage solutions, including salt caverns, hard-rock caverns, and reservoir storage facilities.