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Veriten is an energy research, investment and strategy firm with $85 million in committed capital to identify and advance reliable, sustainable, scalable and economically viable energy solutions with minimal environmental impact.

Headquarters Address

4201 Main St
Houston, TX 77002
United States


Exclusive: Arjun Murti Talks Energy Transition, the Role of Oil, Gas in Meeting Energy Needs

Partner at Veriten Arjun Murti gives his perspective on global energy needs and addresses EV adoption in the U.S. in this Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive interview. 

Darbonne: ESG, ‘Oh So 2022,’ Reduced to Table Stakes?

ESG champion BlackRock is paring, while Exxon Mobil’s growing. Today, ESG is just table stakes.

Veriten’s Arjun Murti: Oil, Gas Prospectors Need to Step Up—Again

Arjun Murti, a partner in investment and advisory firm Veriten, says U.S. shale provided 90% of global supply growth—but the industry needs to reinvent itself, again.