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Texas Pacific Land Corp.


Texas Pacific Land Declares Largest Special Dividend

Texas Pacific Land’s $10 per share dividend will cost the company approximately $230 million.

Oil, Gas Firms’ Rising Market Caps Bump Laggards Off S&P Indices

Private equity investment firm KKR & Co. Inc. is among energy-related firms joining the S&P 500 as their market capitalization grows.

Minerals Market Growing But Needs More Scale, Consolidation

The market value of public minerals and royalties companies has doubled since 2019—but the sector needs to grow even larger to attract generalist investors into the fray, experts say.

Texas Pacific Land Approves Three-for-one Stock Split

Each stockholder of record as of March 18 will be distributed two shares for each share owned.

Milestone Carbon Announces Second Land Agreement for CCS

Milestone Carbon is leasing 22,000 acres of land and pore space from Texas Pacific Land Corp. in the Permian Basin for the geologic sequestration of CO2.

Texas Pacific Land, WaterBridge Form Delaware Basin Water Alliance

Texas Pacific Land Corp.' and WaterBridge NBD's alliance will provide the Delaware Basin with a model for sustainable, ESG-friendly operations.

Texas Pacific Land, Milestone Carbon to Perform Permian Basin Carbon Sequestration Study

Milestone Carbon LLC will evaluate geological and geophysical characteristics of Texas Pacific Land Corp.'s Permian Basin acreage for sequestering captured CO2.

Texas Pacific Land Releases Inaugural ESG Disclosure

Over the past year, Texas Pacific Land has assessed and developed an ESG program that will "allow the company to steadily build upon sustainability objectives." the company's CEO said.