Texas Pacific Land Corp. (TPL) has announced the release of its inaugural ESG disclosure, which provides information on the company's ongoing commitment to its community, stakeholders and ESG objectives.

TPL’s disclosure is aligned with leading sustainability frameworks and reporting standards, including the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board framework and elements of the Global Reporting Initiative’s framework, the company said Aug. 26.

“We are excited to release our inaugural ESG disclosure, which is a reflection of our existing commitments and priorities surrounding sustainability and social responsibility,” said Tyler Glover, TPL’s CEO. “Over the past year, TPL has undertaken a comprehensive ESG assessment and developed an ESG program that will allow the company to steadily build upon our sustainability objectives. I am proud of our team’s commitment and execution towards the company’s ESG objectives. TPL is uniquely positioned to provide collaborative opportunities with customers and companies that operate on our land to drive sustainability and to ensure that our industry benefits all stakeholders.”

The report highlights the company’s new governance framework and board of directors, a record of zero fatalities, zero lost time incidents and zero total recordable incidents in 2020. Additionally, the report outlines TPL's commitment to human capital management across employee engagement, education and professional opportunities and its ability to retain 96% of its employees in 2020

According to TPL, its ESG disclosure reflects the company's commitment to long-term sustainability practices and is designed to help its stakeholders better understand TPL’s commitment and efforts regarding environmental stewardship, social responsibility, strong corporate governance and core values.