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Mercator Energy


Mercator Energy is a natural gas brokerage firm located in Littleton, Colo. The firm works closely with natural gas producers and end-users to bring them unbiased objectivity and customer service.

Editor's note: Updated May 10, 2021.

Headquarters Address

26 W. Dry Creek Circle, Suite 410
Littleton, CO 80120
United States

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Wanted: National Gas Strategy for Utilities, LNG

Chesapeake CEO Nick Dell’Osso and Mercator Energy President John Harpole, speaking at NAPE, said some government decision-makers have yet to catch on to changes spreading across the natural gas market.

Natural Gas and Putin’s Trap: Let Them Eat Cake

Germany and the EU took Russia’s bait and sprung Putin’s 20-year trap—and the global food supply is caught in the web with them, according to veteran natural gas market expert and Mercator Energy president, John Harpole.

America's Natural Gas Conference 2022: Demand Scenarios

Founder and CEO of RBAC Inc. Dr. Robert Brooks shares with Mercator Energy's John Harpole the weather-driven gas demand scenarios as winter approaches.

DUG Bakken & Rockies 2022: A Natural Gas Update: From Russia to the Rockies, Putin to Polis

Watch as Mercator Energy founder and president John Harpole discusses the role that natural gas plays in the U.S. and global energy value chain.

DUG East: LNG Diplomacy: Why It Isn't Temporary

Mercator Energy founder and president John Harpole explains why LNG needs to have a lasting presence in geopolitical conversations.

John Harpole: Why It’s time for LNG Diplomacy for Energy Security

Veteran natural gas market expert and Mercator Energy president, John Harpole, has some things to get off his chest about the state of the natural gas markets in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Fatal Flaws: Is ERCOT Still Broken?

In February 2021, Winter Storm Uri caused an immense power generation outage in Texas, leaving more than 4.5 million homes without electricity. Has the Electric Reliability Council of Texas learned its lesson? 

DUG Permian: The Texas Winter-Gas Debacle with Mercator Energy's John Harpole

During the winter storm in mid-February, Texas didn’t have enough natgas. A veteran gas analyst explains here.

Energy Policy Watch: ‘Fatal Flaw’ in Texas Natural Gas Market

Natural gas market expert John Harpole joins Cornerstone Government Affairs’ Jack Belcher for a post-analysis discussion on the 2021 Texas power crisis in the latest edition of Energy Policy Watch.