Did you know there’s a field in western Colorado that could supply amply product for Europe’s energy security sans Russian gas? How about that Europe really needs about three winters before it can even think about realistically cutting off Putin’s natgas? About that energy security “Marshall Plan” that has been floated around, can it really happen? And, what about Europe’s regasification facilities? Are they safe?

UPDATE: US, EU Strike LNG Deal as Europe Seeks to Cut Russian Gas

During his career, John Harpole, president and founder of Mercator Energy in Littleton, Colo., has provided strategic advice and counseling to independent oil and gas producers, power producers, major gas and electric utilities, hedge funds and energy traders, retail and wholesale energy marketers, equipment vendors and large energy users typically at the CEO level.

Mercator manages more than 2 Bcf/d of natural gas in seven states. The firm also conducts specific research projects for client groups exploring the impact of industry trends on various regional markets. Mercator’s analysis on “Poverty and Fracking” was featured in a Wall Street Journal editorial and on Fox News. 

Harpole joined Hart Energy Editorial Director Len Vermillion for an in-depth and candid conversation about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing effects on energy markets, particularly natural gas. Here’s what he had to say.

Jump to a topic:

  • How Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has affected natural gas markets (1:39)
  • The warning signs of invasion (2:51)
  • The effects of natgas supplies to Europe potentially being cut off (4:54)
  • The effects of the war on U.S. domestic markets (5:06)
  • Can Europe cut off Russian oil and gas completely? (7:32)
  • Thoughts on Putin’s ultimate plan (9:18)
  • How will Western companies pulling out of Russia affect Putin’s efforts (13:46)
  • Could other NOCs fill the void left by Western producers? (15:26)
  • Does the U.S. have the gas to provide energy security domestically and in Europe? (17:31)
  • What is the Biden administration doing or not doing to provide energy security? (20:04)
  • Can a so-called “Marshall Plan” for energy security actually happen? (22:24)
  • Could Europe regasification facilities be targets by Russia? (23:26)
  • How do we get to the point where U.S. LNG is used for domestic energy security? (25:53)