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Lapis Energy LP


Lapis Energy is a full-service CCS developer and operator, providing customized single-point responsibility from energy-intensive industry partner to sequestration sink. The Lapis team is comprised of industry experts with decades of relevant technical, commercial and project experience with companies around the world.

Editor's note: Updated Nov. 29, 2023.

Headquarters Address

2950 North Harwood Street
Suite 2200
Dallas, TX
United States

New Financings

Report Date Type Amount (MM) Description
2021-12-24 Lapis Energy LP Equity --

Announced an agreement for Cresta Fund Management to fund the company’s origination, development and…

2100-05-23 Transaction $888.88

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2100-05-23 Transaction $888.88

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2100-05-23 Transaction $888.88

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Weyerhaeuser, Lapis Energy Enter Carbon Sequestration Exploration Pact

The exploration agreement covers 187,500 acres across three states with five potential carbon sequestration sites.

Exclusive: Lapis CEO Reg Manhas says Oil, Gas Essential for Future

Lapis Energy CEO Reg Manhas says the oil and gas sector’s expertise will provide the world with energy while leading the next phase of the energy transition.

Upstart CCS Operator Lapis Energy Takes on ‘Cancer Alley’ CO2 Emissions

Lapis Energy CEO Reg Manhas sees “massive” CCS opportunity in a stretch of Louisiana plagued by emissions and a high cancer rate.

Exclusive: Carbonated Beverages Not Enough to Take Sequestration Out of Equation [WATCH]

In this Hart Energy LIVE exclusive interview, Hart's Nissa Darbonne and CEO of Lapis Energy Reg Manhas talk opportunities to utilize carbon and the need for states to progress sequestration opportunities. 

Denbury Expands CCS Portfolio in Louisiana with Lapis Energy, Soterra

Denbury will expand its Louisiana CCS portfolio with the addition of two sequestration sites in agreements with Lapis Energy and Soterra.

Lapis Energy CEO Discusses New Arkansas CCS Project

A new carbon capture project announced by Lapis Energy and LSB Industries will be the first CCS project in the state of Arkansas and only the third project from ammonia production in the U.S.