International Energy Agency (IEA)


OPEC has shifted the goalposts for assessing an overhang in oil inventories, giving the group more room to prolong production cuts, …

The IEA said higher output from producers outside OPEC, especially the United States in the second quarter, would keep the market well…

Global energy investment steadied at nearly $1.85 trillion last year after three years of decline, with slowing energy efficiency and…

If no new climate policies are implemented, oil demand could plateau at around 110,000 MMbbl/d from around 2030, according to the…

Investors say the IEA’s benchmark energy forecasts are not in line with the latest climate science.


The International Energy Agency (IEA) is the global energy authority, providing data, analysis and solutions on all fuels and all technologies. The group helps governments, industry and citizens make energy choices.

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