International Energy Agency (IEA)


The International Energy Agency (IEA) is the global energy authority, providing data, analysis and solutions on all fuels and all technologies. The group helps governments, industry and citizens make energy choices.

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31-35 rue de la Fédération
75739 Paris 15

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“Current prices provide a strong incentive to boost [U.S.] activity even as operators stick to capital discipline pledges,” the IEA…

Spare capacity is an important cushion for the oil market as it allows producers to quickly respond to unplanned outages that could…

Oil and natural gas prices have soared to multiyear highs recently, sending power prices surging to record levels as widespread energy…

Residents could pay almost $3.50 per gallon for heating oil this winter.

IEA released its annual World Energy Outlook earlier than usual this year to guide the United Nations COP26 climate change conference…