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International Energy Agency (IEA)


The International Energy Agency (IEA) is the global energy authority, providing data, analysis and solutions on all fuels and all technologies. The group helps governments, industry and citizens make energy choices.

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Global Oil Demand to Grow by 1.9 MMbbl/d in 2024, Says Wood Mac

Oil prices have found support this year from rising geopolitical tensions including attacks by the Iran-aligned Houthi group on Red Sea shipping.

Tax Credit’s Silence on Blue Hydrogen Adds Uncertainty

Proposed rules for the 45V hydrogen production tax credit leave blue hydrogen up in the air, but producers planning to use natural gas with carbon capture and storage have options.

Saudi Energy Minister: OPEC+ Targeting Volatility, not ‘Jacking Up Prices’

Speaking at the World Petroleum Congress, Saudi Arabia’s Minster of Energy Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman Al Saud said OPEC+ is targeting volatility in the oil markets and acting as an energy regulator akin to central banks.

Biden Faces Energy, Climate Headwinds

ESG is an oft debated topic in both Congress and Republican-controlled state capitals, but a political backlash against topics like ESG, climate change and sustainability is underway.

Carbon Capture and Capitalization: Industry Transforms, Tackles the Transition

While progress is being made to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030, there is still much to be done, and the key may lie with carbon capture and storage.

Linde Sees Opportunity as E&Ps Enter Hydrogen Game

With more than 1,000 km of hydrogen pipeline in place and nearly 200 hydrogen refueling stations globally, Linde CEO says the company can scale up, even as big oil companies begin to enter the market.

As China Dominates, Private Capital Vital for US Critical Minerals

Identifying solutions for the critical minerals challenge is a growing point of discussion as the U.S. works to strengthen its supply chain both domestically and abroad.

Boston Group: Net Zero Investments Short by $18 Trillion

A Boston Consulting Group study reveals an $18 trillion energy transition investment gap between now and 2030, which threatens meeting net zero goals by 2050.

Rystad: Oil, Gas Sector Has All the Money it Needs

Despite the hue and cry over oil and gas underinvestment, Rystad said greater efficiency and productivity has the investments needed for E&Ps to meet demand.

IEA’s Birol: China to Drive Oil Demand, Could Tip LNG Markets

Global oil demand could rise more than 2 MMbbl/d in 2023 driven mainly by China, which could also upset the balance of LNG markets, IEA director Fatih Birol said during a video interview with Bloomberg.

Oil Rises on Debt Ceiling, Demand Optimism

As oil prices rise, the International Energy Agency predicted the second half of the year would see oil demand overtake supply by millions of barrels per day.

Resurgent China to Drive 2023 Oil Demand, Supply Shortfall Possible in H2: IEA

"Supply from OPEC+ is projected to contract with Russia pressured by sanctions," the International Energy Agency said.

Oil, Gas Industry Earned $4 Trillion Last Year, Says IEA Chief

In recent years, the oil and gas industry pulled in profits averaging $1.5 trillion, according to International Energy Agency head Fatih Birol.

Has Green Hydrogen Sprung a Leak?

According to scientific studies, the benefits of green hydrogen dissipate if 10% of production, transportation, storage or usage leaks occur.

Russia has Lost Europe as Its Largest Energy Client ‘Forever,’ IEA’s Birol Says

When asked about the impact of the EU measures, IEA’s Fatih Birol said: “We expect towards the end of the first quarter 2023 that there may be a loss of 2 million barrels per day of Russian oil and there is a need to replace that oil.”