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Encino Energy LLC


Encino Energy is a Houston-based oil and gas acquisition and development company formed in 2011. The company acquires operated working interests and minerals in multiple onshore U.S. basins. In June 2017, Encino Energy and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) formed an oil and gas acquisition partnership called Encino Acquisition Partners (EAP) to acquire and operate onshore oil and gas properties in the U.S.

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5847 San Felipe St., Suite 300
Houston, TX 77057
United States

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2018-07-26 $2,000.00

Chesapeake Energy Agrees To Sell Utica Shale Position For $2 Billion

Chesapeake Energy Agrees To Sell Utica Shale Position For $2 Billion

2100-10-01 $000.00

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Utica Oil: Encino Energy’s Liquids Wells Top the Charts in Ohio

Encino Energy’s first-quarter wells took the top five spots in Ohio as the company’s liquids output accounted for more than half of the state’s 7.23 MMbbl first-quarter total.

Ohio Utica’s Ascent Resources Credit Rep Rises on Production, Cash Flow

Ascent Resources received a positive outlook from Fitch Ratings as the company has grown into Ohio’s No. 1 gas and No. 2 Utica oil producer, according to state data.

Ohio Oil, Appalachia Gas Plays Ripe for Consolidation

With buyers “starved” for top-tier natural gas assets, Appalachia could become a dealmaking hotspot in the coming years. Operators, analysts and investors are also closely watching what comes out of the ground in the Ohio Utica oil fairway.

Rockcliff CEO on US LNG: ‘Where Is All This Gas Going to Come From?’

Can Haynesville, Permian and Eagle Ford E&Ps meet skyrocketing gas demand to serve a host of new LNG projects on the Gulf Coast? These executives have concerns.

It’s ‘On:’ The New Ohio Utica Oil Play

The oil-weighted hydrocarbon phase through the middle of the Utica fairway in Ohio is gaining renewed attention—and results.

Shale 2022: Changing Role of Gas Improves Prospects for Drillers

Between high-return—and stabilized— pricing and the role it is likely to play in the future, natural gas’ place in the energy mix is quickly growing.

Encino Acquisition Partners Co-founder, Executive Chairman John Pinkerton Retires

John H. Pinkerton co-founded Encino Acquisition Partners in 2017 following a 22-year career as president and CEO of Range Resources Corp.

OGI At Closing: Shaley Insights

After a wild decade of exploration and outsized spending, the shale business has turned into a true business.

DUG East: Attacking The Perils Of Longer Laterals, Parent-Child Well Intervention

Appalachia advancements by Halliburton, Schlumberger, Encino Energy and BHGE are setting a good precedent for drilling and completions across U.S. shales.

The Top 100 Private E&Ps

Producing 6.5 million barrels equivalent per day, these 100 private producers represent the best of the U.S. oil and gas industry.

DUG East: Encino Energy's Great Buy-In (2019)

Looking to build a long-term company in a solid basin with good full-cycle margins, this new E&P chose the Ohio Utica with a $2-billion deal.

DUG East: Key Players Eye Increased Production In Utica

Drillers highlight positive outlook for the Utica Shale play, which some say is often undervalued.

HART ENERGY CONNECT: Encino Energy’s Unique Story

Encino Energy COO Ray Walker, who retired from Range Resources last year, discusses what makes the Utica Shale company’s outlook so positive.

DUG East: Gen 5 Completions, Well Spacing (2019)

What are the perils, and economics, of 18,000-foot laterals? Should well spacing be rethought?

Appalachian Buyers Buildup

Acquisitive E&Ps backed by powerful private equity seek more production, and more profits.