Woodford Completion Flows 17.33 MMcf Of Gas, 701 bbl Of Oil Per Day

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United States

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#7-22H Winham
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Gulfport Energy Corp. has completed a horizontal Woodford well in the Scoop play that flowed 17.3 MMcf of gas and 701 bbl of oil per day. The #7-22H Winham is in Section 26-4n-6w in Grady County, Okla. It was drilled to the northwest to 19,453 ft and bottomed in Section 22-4n-6w. According to the Oklahoma City-based company, the well flowed at a peak rate of 23.5 MMcfe per day on a three-stream basis (64% gas, 18% NGL and 18% oil). Production is from a 4,898-ft section of a treated lateral. Additional completion information is not available