Three Forks Producer By Hunt Oil In Divide County, N.D.

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United States

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#161-100-18-19H-1 Alexandria
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Hunt Oil Co. completed a horizontal exploratory test in Divide County, N.D. that initially flowed 305 bbl of 40-degree- gravity oil, 40 Mcf of gas and 807 bbl of water per day. Located in Section 18-161n-100w, #161-100-18-19H-1 Alexandria is producing from a horizontal lateral in Three Forks extending from 9,115 ft. The 17,839-ft well was drilled to 17,839 ft and bottomed in Section 19-161n-100w. The venture was fracture stimulated in 25 stages between 9,264 and 17,735 ft and the true vertical depth is 8,906 ft. Hunt Oil is based in Houston.