Sidetrack Planned At Mahogany Field Producer By W&T Offshore

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United States

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#6-A (ST) OCS G12010
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Drilling Activity Summary


W&T Offshore plans to sidetrack a producing well in Mahogany Field in Ship Shoal Block 349. The #6-A (ST) OCS G12010 is being drilled from the A platform. The planned bottomhole is to the south in Ship Shoal Block 359. The original hole was completed as an oil well in 2014, producing from a Pliocene zone at 13,530-13,630 ft. Area water depth is 372 ft. W&T has drilled 13 new wells and sidetracks since 2011 and most of the company’s recent development of the field is from pays below the P Sand (Pliocene). Some of the recent drilling in the field by the Houston-based company has targeted the deeper T sand (Pliocene). One of the company’s completions, #19-A OCS G12010, was completed in late 2018. According to W&T, the well is the most productive T Sand well to date, producing at a rate of approximately 7 Mboe per day from perforations at 18,072-18,138 ft. Total production is 547.94 Mbbl of crude and 1.2 Bcf of gas.