Second Test Completed At W&T Offshore’s Gladden Deep Prospect

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United States

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#2SS OCS G18292
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Drilling Activity Summary


W&T Offshore completed a second well on Mississippi Canyon Block 800. Based on preliminary analysis of drilling and wireline logging results, the recoverable resource from #2SS OCS G18292 is expected to be in line with the pre-drill estimate of 7 MMboe. The total depth has not been disclosed. Known as the Gladden Deep discovery, first production from the completion is expected in late 2019. The offsetting #1SS (ST) OCS G18292 was drilled by Newfield Exploration in 2008 to 16,870 ft and is now owned by Houston-based W&T Offshore. W&T Offshore’s field is the only producing reservoir in this part of the Mississippi Canyon area.