Red Fork Sand Completion in Custer County, Okla., Produces 1.556 Mbbl of Oil, 2.68 MMcf/d.

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United States

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#1HX Saratoga 1720
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A Red Fork Sand discovery by Unit Petroleum Corp. was reported in Custer County, Okla. The #1HX Saratoga 1720 is in Section 8-14n-14w and initially flowed 1.556 Mbbl of oil, 2.68 MMcf of gas and 1.769 Mbbl of water per day. The venture was drilled south across Section 17 to 20,751 ft (11,034 ft true vertical) and bottomed in Section 20-14n-14w. The well is producing through acidized and fractured perforations between 11,718 and 20,751 ft and had a short open-hole interval past the end of the casing at 20,713 ft. Flowing tubing pressure was measured at 1,570 psi when tested on a 38/64-in. choke.