Panoro Energy Releases Results From Republic of Congo

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Congo - Brazzaville

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Panoro Energy ASA's #204-KUN well in the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville), encountered the top reservoir of the Kundji Field at 1,548 meters. The venture was drilled to 2,001 meters and logs confirm that the reservoir is oil-saturated over a gross vertical interval of 158 meters with a net oil pay of 49 meters. Twenty-seven meters of Mengo sandstone was encountered with lower resistivity and this zone is assumed to be water bearing, consistent with the results of #202- KUN and #203-KUN wells. Panoro is also active at #205-KUN and #206-KUN. When #206-KUN has reached final depth, the three wells will be completed, fractured and production tested. The permit was reissued to Societe Nationale des Petroles du Congo and partners in 2009. Oslo-based Panoro Energy holds 20% in the license through its subsidiary company Prevail Energy Congo.