Offshore Ghana Oil Discovery Estimated at 500 MMboe-700 MMboe

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A significant oil discovery was announced by Rome-based Eni at the Eban exploration prospect in offshore Ghana’s CTP Block 4. The #1X-Eban is the second well drilled in the block following the Akoma discovery. Preliminary estimates place the potential of the Eban–Akoma complex between 500 MMboe and 700 MMboe in place. The discovery well was drilled to 4,179 m and hit an 80-m light oil column in a Cenomanian age reservoir interval down to a true vertical depth of 3,949 m. The pressure and fluid data and the reservoir properties are consistent with the previous discovery of Akoma and nearby Sankofa Field. Estimated production indicates that the well could produce 5,000 bbl of oil per day. The estimated hydrocarbons in place between Sankofa Field and the Eban-Akoma complex is now more than 1.1 Bboe, and further oil in place could be confirmed with a additional drilling and testing.