Horizontal San Miguel Completion Produces 194 bo, 383 Mcf Of Gas Per Day

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United States

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#3902H Latham McKnight
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Endeavor Energy Resources LP completed a horizontal San Miguel well in Hugh Fitzsimmons Field. Located in Dimmit County (RRC Dist. 1), Texas, #3902H Latham McKnight flowed 194 bbl of 44-degree-gravity crude, 383 Mcf of gas and 363 bbl of water per day from fracture-treated perforations at 3,633-8,475 ft. It was tested on a 27/64-in. choke and the flowing tubing pressure was 250 psi. The well was drilled to 8,508 ft, 3,140 ft true vertical, and is on a 6,501-acre lease in Section 39, Block 9, I&GN RR Co Survey, A-386. The venture bottomed about 1 mile to the southeast in Section 12, Block 13, I&GN RR Co Survey, A-836. Endeavor is based in Midland, Texas.