Fort Berthold Indian Reservation Discovery by Marathon Oil Corp.: 8.448 Mbbl of oil, 7.083 MMcf Of Gas Per Day

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United States

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#21-16H Reyes-USA
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A horizontal Middle Bakken producer on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation by Marathon Oil Corp. flowed 8.448 Mbbl of oil with 7.083 MMcf of gas and 7.811 Mbbl of water per day. The #21-16H Reyes-USA is in Section 9-150n-93w of Mountrail County, N.D. Production is from a two-section lateral extending from 11,140 ft southward to 21,227 ft (10,704 ft true vertical) at a bottom-hole location in Section 21-150n-93w. It was tested on a 108/64-in. choke after 40-stage fracturing between 11,255 and 21,092 ft.