Extended Well Test Planned by Petrobras in Albacora Field

Drilling Activity Details



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Shore Type
Well Name
#3-AB-125-RJS (3-BRSA-1123-RJS)
Geo Coordinate

Drilling Activity Summary


Petrobras is planning an extended well test in Brazil's pre-salt discovery in Albacora Field in the Campos Basin. The test at #3-AB-125-RJS (3-BRSA-1123-RJS) will be part of its discovery assessment plan for the Forno prospect and the extended well test will help evaluate the reservoir production and the characteristics of the oil in concession’s pre-salt layer. Petrobras started the discovery assessment in the Forno area, where drilling and seismic activities have already been carried out. The objective of this phase is to prove the production potential of the reservoir. Rio de Janeiro-based Petrobras is the operator with 100% interest of the Albacora Field.