Exploratory Test In Offshore Myanmar: 65-m Gross Gas Column

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Myanmar (Burma)

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#1-Pyi Thit
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An exploration well by Woodside Petroleum Ltd. in offshore Myanmar’s Block A-6 hit a 65-m gross gas column with an interpreted net gas pay interval of approximately 36 m. The #1-Pyi Thit is in the southern Rakhine Basin and was drilled to 4,570 m. A drillstem test across a 29-meter section of the reservoir flowed at 50 MMcf during testing on a 44/64-in. choke over a 44-hour interval. Perth-based Woodside is the joint operator of Bloc A-6 and #1-Pyi Thit, with 40% interest in partnership with joint operator MPRL E&P Pte Ltd. holding 20%, and Total with the remaining 40%.