El Reno Field-Woodford Shale Completion in Canadian County, Okla.

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United States

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#2WXH Guthrie 1207 6-7
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Drilling Activity Summary


A Canadian County, Okla., Woodford Shale well was completed by Camino Natural Resources. The El Reno Field well, #2WXH Guthrie 1207 6-7, was drilled in Section 31-13n-7w to 21,239 ft and a true vertical depth of 10,521 ft. It produced 163 bbl of condensate and 1.657 MMcf of gas per day from acidized and fractured perforations between 10,935 ft and 21,118 ft. Tested on a 44/64-inch choke, the flowing tubing pressure was 752 psi. Camino’s headquarters are in Denver.