Cody Felton

Vice President of Business Development, Inc., Houston
40under40 feat. Cody Felton

Entry into oil and gas: He worked as a field production manager for Petrol Oil and Gas Inc. in Overland Park, Kan., which his family started as a private company. He served in the U.S. Coast Guard, working as a marine science technician. Before joining EnergyNet in 2012, Felton also worked as a project manager in the oil and gas regulatory division for O’Brien’s Response Management’s Houston office. He has experienced the majority of the industry, most recently landing in A&D with EnergyNet.

EnergyNet’s future: He asks, “What can we bring to the marketplace to stay in front of the curve?” He is enthusiastic about EnergyNet’s venture into government lease sales, and to continue revolutionizing its platform and the tools available for buyers and sellers to come together.

Art of the deal: “Every single transaction is unique and hosts its own challenges. The key to getting through those challenges is understanding the needs of your buyer and seller, and never losing control of the deal.”

On camaraderie: “A key component of being a leader is to bring solutions to your team, not problems.” “A passionate and motivated team is a force to be reckoned with.”

On self-discipline: “Sweat at work today, sweat at the beach tomorrow.”

Book smarts: Felton attained a 3.89 grade-point average for his MBA degree through American Military University.

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