Dynamic Production Inc.

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Dynamic Production Inc. has retained Albrecht & Associates to sell certain Mississippi lime assets in Oklahoma and Kansas.

The package includes interest in approximately 18,400 net acres in Alfalfa, Garfield, Grant, and Kay counties, Oklahoma, and Barber County, Kansas. Dynamic’s acreage is in the most active area of the horizontal Mississippian lime play in north central Oklahoma and all leases are paid up and include all depths. The average remaining primary term is 31 months and the earliest expiration occurs in March 2014.

Leases covering approximately 64% of the acreage (11,750 net acres) include an option to extend the lease term an additional two years. The properties feature 77% net revenue interest.

SandRidge Energy, Chesapeake Energy and Range Resources estimate ultimate recoveries (EURs) per well in the horizontal Mississippi lime play to be 409,000 barrels of oil equivalent, 415,000 and 485,000, respectively. Based on 160-acre development and gross reserves of 409,000 barrels equivalent per well, there are approximately 115 net potential locations on Dynamic’s acreage with total estimated gross reserves of 47 million barrels equivalent (36.2 million net).

The bid due date is Nov. 9. Contact Harrison Williams, 713-951-9586, hwilliams@albrechtai.com.