Midstream Business Magazine - February 2012

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Cushing Infrastructure Bottleneck

Cushing Hub oil storage capacity is underutilized, while pipeline capacity into and out of the area is bottlenecked. Here’s an overview of the challenge and a forecast for the upcoming solutions.

Cushing Price Crunch

Midstream companies race to put infrastructure in place that will alleviate the bottleneck in the flow of crude out of Cushing.

Eagle Ford Boom

With positions largely established, Eagle Ford shale operators shift rigs into high gear.

Environmental Due Diligence

Environmental due diligence, during the acquisition of midstream natural gas gathering assets, can present numerous challenges to buyers. Pre-purchase due diligence can mean the difference between a successful and a deleterious deal.

MLPs Outperform Wider Equity Market

Pipe Politics

Questions about Keystone XL, the upcoming reversal of seaway and the cancellation of wrangler all affect producers. What else is in the pipeline, and how will WTI be affected?

Processing And Treating Shortfall

Despite heavy investment in the past two years, natural gas midstream operators are still struggling to keep pace with growing supplies of natural gas.

Tradition Midstream gears up

John O’Shea, chief executive of Tradition Midstream LLC, and his team get back together to set their sights on the unconventional plays.

Whence Energy In 2012?

At the beginning of the year, natural gas prices continue to flounder while natural gas liquids are driving investments. In short, the expectations for 2012 look a lot like the reality at the close of 2011.

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MLP IPO Activity Heats Up

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Unita Basin: A Play To Watch

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Energy CFOs Optimistic About 2012