I just discovered that Santa may not be showing up at some malls this year. Or company Christmas parties. Or family gatherings. This tragedy, which is almost worse than the flailing economy (at least in all children's eyes), involves Santa Claus's mall visits being cut. One "Santa rental" company, Chicagofun.com, usually has Santa's schedule filled by this time of year. But this Christmas, Santa is being thrown into the expendable pile. So since Santa won't be busy going to parties and sitting in malls for hours, perhaps he will be visiting oil companies. Come on, wouldn't you like him to grant all your stock wishes come true? Let's use our imaginations for a moment, boys and girls! (I do write children's stories when I'm not on the clock). Sit right down and I'll tell you a tale, One that will make your entrepreneurial heart swell. It's a story of a 2008 filled with shale And stocks falling 'til the last market bell. Almost all CEOs have let out a wail When in October all their stocks fell Their faces transformed from ruddy to pale And every exclamation seemed to be, "What the he*@!" But it's Christmas again and Santa is here To visit oil companies with dozens of treats From natural gas sales to discoveries so dear, He is sure to inspire all landmen to greater feats. Old Saint Nick will bring holiday cheer To even the downtrodden, depressed CEO. So leave by the chimney your favorite beer And perhaps next year we'll all see the markets grow. -Lindsay Goodier, Online Editor, OilandGasInvestor.com